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February 19th, 2020


A project designed with neighbourhood life in mind

With two buildings and just eight storeys, the Quartier Général project was planned to human scale. And every detail was designed to create spaces that are both private and convivial, where one feels instantly at home.

An urban project with a human touch

The project’s design revolves around common spaces that bring people together. As such, the single lobby, at the heart of the project, provides access to both phases, centralizing foot traffic and encouraging resident interaction.

In addition to the shared lobby, glass passageways connect the two buildings from the second to the seventh floor, bathing the corridors in natural light. Residents can thus easily circulate from one building to the next. A passageway also connects both roofs so every resident can enjoy the pool and green spaces. The passageway’s glass side provides a glimpse of this movement from the exterior, contributing to the project’s human quality.

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Think proximity

To further foster a sense of community, we’ve also created small retail spaces on the ground floor to welcome local businesses.

With its businesses and terraces, the pedestrian lane and green alley guide the flow of people around the project, creating a friendly, lively environment.

Respecting the urban fabric

From the respect of the urban fabric, to the offset upper storeys, to the green lane and alley, the pedestrian experience is the design’s guiding light.

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