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June 8th, 2020


A new type of sales office

The current health crisis and its realities have tested our creativity. It is this vein that we have reinvented the Quartier Général sales office. The result: preventive safety measures indoors, but also a new, contactless shopping experience outdoors.

An experience geared towards the outdoors

With the arrival of warmer weather, we were inspired to create an outdoor store front where future buyers and passersby could discover the Quartier Général project at their leisure.

Accessible 24 hours a day and located right on the Quartier Général site, our new summertime sales office concept provides visitors with the opportunity to discover the project in a safe, contactless, and self-service-style manner during the health crisis.

The concept itself mimics Montréal’s many outdoor photo exhibitions set up throughout the city. Complementing the larger images, which are displayed on free-standing structures, a parklet allows visitors to chat, soak up the space and get a feel for the neighbourhood, all while respecting social distancing guidelines.

Opening our doors safely

As required by the government, indoor activities at our sales office could only be resumed if we enforce social distancing and health and safety measures.

Social distancing

To ensure every person in the sales office respects the two metres distance between them, we have installed equipment and signage:

  • Floor markers to encourage people to respect the two metres distance.
  • Plexiglas panels to ensure client meetings are done safely.
  • Pictograms to remind visitors not to touch the touchscreens or other surfaces.
  • Bollards to restrict access to certain parts of the sales office.
  • Restricted bathroom access to limit use to personnel only.
Health measures

A cleaning crew will disinfect areas that are more prone to spreading the virus daily. Furthermore, our sales consultants and visitors must respect the government's recommendations to limit the risk of transmission:

Preventive questions

In addition, visitors must answer a few health questions before being allowed into the sales office.

As you can see, the strictest of measures have been implemented so we can welcome you back safely.

See you at our sales office

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