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February 19th, 2020


Architecture perfectly integrated into the neighbourhood

To avoid clashing with the neighbouring buildings, which are rooted in Griffintown’s industrial past, and to mesh well with the current landscape, Quartier Général’s architecture respects the local, traditional aesthetics while adding its own modern touch.

Well-designed volumes

The project’s eight storeys were designed on two scales for a harmonious integration into the existing urban landscape.

The first five storeys create continuity with the adjoining industrial buildings. Clad in the characteristic red brick, they are similar in volume and echo their window design.

The more modern upper three storeys are set back from the lower façade for a less imposing structure at street level. The light-coloured exterior blends in with the colour of the sky for a more discreet effect.

Classic Griffintown architecture

The project’s understated design is both classic and authentic. Inspired by Griffintown’s architectural heritage, the project makes its mark on the neighbourhood with humility. Rhythmic and symmetrical, its elegance will stand the test of time.

An island of greenery in the heart of the city

From the pedestrian lane to the green alley, vegetation plays a leading role in the project’s design. With its trees and grass block pavers, the green alley is literally a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city. Phase 2 will also include an enclosed tree-filled courtyard, which will open onto des Bassins Street and enhance the pedestrian experience.

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