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March 19th, 2020


How to choose the unit that suits your lifestyle best

Buying off plan can be a little unsettling: how do you choose the unit to meet your needs in terms of space, brightness, storage and so on? Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a globetrotter or a parent with young children, here are a few proposed plans adapted to your reality. Discover which profile best describes you and the unit we recommend.

The globetrotter

You travel a lot. But while you may not be home much, you still want a place to call your own, to lay down roots, and recharge your battery. With few material possessions, you believe in a minimalist lifestyle. And, as jet lag is often a factor, you want a unit with afternoon rather than morning sun, to better recuperate from your travels.

Your needs: ● A place of your own to take a break from hotel rooms; ● A quiet unit facing the courtyard instead of the street; ● A functional layout; ● Afternoon sun.

Suggested unit models: A1, A3, A4, A5, B12

Globe-trotter profile - Quartier Général

If you are a globetrotter, Quartier Général has the condo specially designed for you.


The athlete

With plenty of energy to spare and no desire to be idle, you look forward to using the common fitness centre and taking full advantage of everything the Lachine Canal has to offer, right at your doorstep. You also want the room to practise your favourite activity, right from your home. A morning person, you like to wake up with the rising sun and start the day off on the right foot. May we tempt you with a morning sun salute on your balcony?

Your needs: ● Enough interior space to work out or warm up; ● Storage space; ● Morning sun.

Suggested unit models: D2, D8, D12, D7

Quartier Général - Athlete profile

If you like to exercise both outside and inside, Quartier Général has been designed for you.


#### The urban gardener Environmentally and health conscious, you are a nature lover even though you live in the city. An outdoor enthusiast, you would rather be outside and want to take full advantage of everything the Lachine Canal has to offer, right at your doorstep. You plan to fill your balcony with plants both for privacy’s sake and to see your efforts bear fruit.

Your needs: ● A large balcony; ● A unit that faces southwest for optimal sunlight.

Suggested unit models: C6, D5, E1

Quartier Général - Urban gardener profile

If you have the spirit and the heart of an urban gardener, Quartier Général is for you.


The family

Whether you are a couple or a single parent, your family has decided to live in the city to be close to services and to enjoy an active lifestyle. You prefer open-plan spaces (to keep an eye on the little ones) and are a creative wiz at optimizing space.

Your needs: ● At least two bedrooms; ● Storage space; ● A lunch counter; ● Ideally a unit with two bathrooms.

Suggested unit models: D11, E5, F1, F3

Quartier Général - Family profile

If your family likes to live in the city, Quartier Général project is for you.


The social butterfly

You love having friends, family, or colleagues over for drinks before pursuing the evening on the rooftop terrace, at a neighbourhood restaurant, or around your kitchen island, the perfect headquarters for commandeering guests! And if conversations can spill out onto the balcony, even better.

Your needs: ● A kitchen with an island, perfect for entertaining; ● A nice view or a balcony; ● Late afternoon sun, ideal for happy hour.

Suggested unit models: C4, I1

Please stop by our sales office and discover the models that suit your profile.

Quartier Général - Social profile

If you like to receive friends or colleagues at your home, Quartier Général have been made for you.

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